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Parent Registration Portal 

Welcome! The Kryptografima is an exciting educational platform designed by award-winning educators, instructional designers, and mathematicians that will allow your students to level-up their mathematical understanding all while having a blast! 

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Parents gain access too! You will be able to monitor student progress, and view and print reports in our updated Parent Portal. 


What Supplies Do We Need?

Students will need a copy of Marco the Great and the History of Numberville. This is an exciting adventure novel that replaces the traditional textbook.

Parents may purchase a physical copy or alternatively obtain a "Library Card".

A "Library Card" provides students with access to a special area of The Kryptografima that includes an e-version of Marco the Great and the History of Numberville for easy access as they navigate the online campus.

We also recommend students have a "journal" they can use to record their journey and accomplishments.

How Do I Enroll Multiple Students?

If you wish to enroll multiple children, please complete the form for your first child. After submitting, navigate to the form again and select “I already have a Parent Account”. This will allow you to register another child under the same Parent Account previously created.

How long is the enrollment period?

All enrollments are for a duration of 6 months calculated as 26 weeks. If your enrollment ends, you can easily re-enroll to purchase an additional 6 months and all progress in the game will be retained.

Registration Process

  1. Complete this form to register your Parent and Student Accounts
  2. You will receive an email with login information for your Student Account
  3. Complete the registration and select entry into The Student Commons ($8 USD) or The Library ($16 USD)*
  4. Your student is ready to begin an amazing adventure through mathematics! 

*Note, both The Student Commons and The Library give students access to our entire campus to explore! The Library also includes access to the digital version of Marco the Great and the History of Numberville


Ready to begin an amazing journey through mathematics?! 

Please enter your age. 
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